The Grand View Hotel is significant for several reasons. It’s site has been continuously occupied by a hotel since the 1880’s, and has been an important focus of social activity for residents and visitors alike for over a century.

The current building was started in 1924 and completed in 1938, by Tooth & Co. The hotel’s exterior of which is relatively intact, is representative of conservative hotel built by Tooth & Co during the 1930’s and graphically demonstrates how the Inter War Free Classical style was exploited to impart a dignified and respectable character related to the locality in which the establishment was situated.

During the 1880s Charles Wilson erected a weatherboard lined hotel, behind the existing building, which was licensed as the Wentworth Hotel. Wilson, who was the son of Henry Wilson, who was licensee of Gardiners Inn (then called the Thistle) in the late 1830s. had a long and pioneering association with Wentworth Falls, In 1866, when the railway line was reaching Wentworth Falls, he built a simple house for the use of navvies working on the line. This building, on the site of the post office building, also served as a shop and butchery.

Around 1860 Charles Wilson married Jessie James, daughter of a licensee of the Welcome Inn at Valley Heights. Apparently the two were important pioneers in Wentworth Falls early days and managed to be involved in almost every commercial venture in the settlement.

Wilson leased the hotel between 1895 to 1902, when one of his children , William Page Wilson, became licensee and changed the name of the Premises to the Grand View Hotel.

In the early 1920s the hotel was sold to Resch’s Limited, they converted the property to Torrens Title and became registered proprietor on 30th November 1924. The present building was erected at about this time, while the weatherboard building constructed by Charles Wilson was largely demolished several years later.

In 1929 Resch’s Limited was taken over by Tooth & Co Limited and the Grand View was acquired by the latter brewery as part of this process (in July 1929). Tooth & Co leased the Grand View to a succession of individuals over the next decades.

Ben and Sandra Tufrey purchased the Grand View Hotel in 2002.  Since then it has undergone significent changes, new ladies and gents bathrooms upstairs for our in house guests, refurbising of the Function Rooms and Bistro, a kids playroom, and a complete new
look to the outside eating area.   The Tufrey Family owned and operated the Hotel for 17 years and sold in November 2018.

Jenny Wang purchased the Hotel in November 2018.